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Soaring Argentina exists to improve both the education and medical environments in the Cordoba Province of Argentina, South America. Through gifts of hunters and other supporters, our social programs directly benefit the children and youth of Argentina, as well as all who are in medical need.

Soaring Argentina is a 501c3 American non-profit organization based in the great state of Texas. We are pleased you are learning about our passion to meet the needs of the poor but proud people of this great country.


altname Wayne Graham
Dallas, Texas

Wayne Graham has been a Worship Pastor for over 32 years, in four Texas churches. It was on mission trips to Buenos Aires that Wayne first developed a deep love for this country and its gracious people. Wayne’s wife of 36 years, also enjoys the rich heritage of Argentina. He has three grown children and 4 beautiful nietos (grandchildren).

altname David Wampler
Kerrville, Texas

David Wampler lives in Kerrville, Texas, and is a founding partner in Heritage Investment Management, LLP, a wealth management and investment advisory firm. David is active in ranching in west Kerr County, Texas and in community banking. He was an organizer of Guadalupe National Bank, NA, in Kerrville, where he serves as Vice Chairman of the Board. In his hunting and fishing travels around the world, David has seen first hand the benefits of partnership between clients, operators and local communities. David and his wife, Melissa, have two children, Blake and Ava.

altname Larry Ramming
Houston, Texas

Larry Ramming is a native of Houston Texas and a passionate supporter of Argentina as a result of many years of hunting, fishing and vacationing there. Larry is an active investor in the global oil & gas industry and was the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Boots & Coots, the world renowned oil well fire fighting company and currently Chairman of the Board of Canyon Port, a full service oil & gas deep water Port facility in Port Aransas Texas and Canyon Port Trading in Houston Texas. Larry and family are committed supporters of several Children's oriented Charities thru The Ramming Family Partnership, LLC and are delighted to support this Argentine Charity.

altname Pablo Aguilo

Pablo is a mid-forties guy that has been a successful business man in the hunting and fishing industry for over 14 years. He is married to Silvia with three adorable children, Sofie, Juaquin and Emma. He is a brilliant businessman and cares deeply for those who work alongside him. He builds up everyone that is around him. It is his nature to do so. He started a completely new organization from zero to an amazing company that is ranked in the top of all hunting and fishing businesses. In his profound desire to help those around him he decided to create Soaring Argentina to meet local needs for education and medical care in his country in a very direct manner.


Our missions are to improve the level of education for elementary children by encouraging the continuing education to higher grades and to supply rural hospitals with medical equipment and supplies.



85% of all students in the Northern part of Cordoba Province do not continue with their studies past the age of 13, severely limiting the career opportunities in life.
While the needs are many, our experience has shown a focus to increase achievement in primary and elementary schools places students on a path for greater ability to learn in later grades, and increases their opportunities for a highly productive career.

We seek to improve the education delivered by supplying schools with books, learning materials, clothing, art supplies and fostering parent involvement.


Education is our first goal and medical needs are a close second. We desire to deliver greatly needed medical equipment and supplies to hospitals located in rural areas where adequate medical care is currently unavailable.
Through working with U.S. based ministries, gently used and refurbished medical equipment can be acquired and shipped to Argentina in a cost-effective manner. Medical equipment is difficult to come by and is very expensive in Argentina. We desire to raise significant funds to cover the acquisition and shipping of items such as hospital beds, infusion pumps, respirators, X-ray machines, oxygen sensors, general medical supplies and basic hospital furniture.


You can be involved in many ways. As Americans travel to Argentina, transporting children and youth clothing that has been donated is a great blessing to those in need.
Giving liberally to Soaring Argentina is also a way to strengthen the impact in both education and medical support. Your gift can be given in the U.S. and is a tax-deductible expense. We have an initial goal of $25000 to send the first shipping container full of medical equipment to Argentina.
We are also looking for sponsors for 12 children who have shown interest, desire and aptitude to continue their studies in High School. Could you be one of these sponsors? There are four levels of commitment:

$100 per year

$250 per year

$500 per year

$1000 per year


If you have traveled to Argentina dove hunting or fly fishing, you have already experienced the many unique wonders this lovely country has to offer. Perhaps it was the culture, the food, the beautiful country or the kind-hearted exchanges with those who served you. What a rich blessing you will receive by giving something back in exchange for what you have already received.

Will you join us and help Argentina SOAR to new heights?


Education is the road that children follow to reach their full potential in life

No sooner had we finished with our mission back in April than we were planning our next one for October of this year.


We knew that we had a lot of time to collect clothes, buy more school and medical supplies, food, and more but we wanted to make something special this time.

We came up with the idea of bags with the names of every kid that we were going to visit on it, so they’d have the chance to receive something personalized, for them only. And we were also going to decorate these bags with the kids themselves during our visit. It was such a fun activity to share with them.

Besides the bags, we had two more projects in mind. Building a garden for Fabricio’s school and painting Juana’s school.

The idea of the garden came from Fede Gervasoni (Filo) a guide and cook from the field staff. He said one day, why don’t we bring a few seeds to the school for the kids to start growing their own vegetables? and we were now all of the sudden planning a 750 square feet garden.

It’s amazing how ideas can grow when people think and work together.

Back in September we had visited Bernardino Rivadavia’s school and talked to Fabricio about this idea, he loved it and he said he was going to mention this to the parents to make sure everyone was on board and willing to take care of this garden once it was done.

Fede and Tata, another guy from the field staff (if you have had the pleasure to have him as your field assistant once, you know Tata is the funniest guy on the field), they both took the lead in this project from beginning to end.

Tata wrote the shopping list, Fede bought everything and the truck was fully loaded and ready to roll on the morning of October 24th.

We got to the schools around 9 am ready to start with this project which at that moment was a big challenge for everybody.

It took two days of hard work, the field staff, us from the office, the teacher, a few parents, everyone helped to make this possible.

Not all of us have the same skills but each one of us played a big part in this project, either building the garden, bringing cold drinks to the ones working, making lunch, cleaning up the place, even the kids helped by planting the seeds, they were so excited!

During those two days, we realized how important for the people of this town was that we were there, not only working on the garden but sharing a good time with them.

They made big lunches for us, they were there helping us and hanging out, getting to know each other.

These people, neighbors, the teacher, the cook and the kids are incredible human beings and if you look at the way they live, you might think that they have so little but after 10 min of talking with them, you’ll come to realize that they have so much to offer. They’re generous with each other, humble, caring and hardworking people and we have more to learn from them that we can even imagine.


After the garden was done, I walked inside and Fede was there, proudly admiring the work done,he gave me a big hug and said “we did it!”


Looking at the garden and everyone that had worked so hard to build it I realized that the garden was not only helping the people from the school and the town but also to each one of us.

You are part of something like this and you end up feeling like you’re the one who has been given a gift.

The fact that more and more people are getting voluntarily involved in this wonderful act of helping others continues to show me that we’re in the right path and we have to keep putting this effort to every mission, we have to take more time to get to know these people, these kids, we need to pay attention to what we can do to help them and in this way, working as a team, I have no doubt that we will be able to achieve greater goals.


There is still a lot of work to do, the education system keeps forgetting that these schools exist. The teaches are in a constant fight for their students’ rights. If it wasn’t for the dedication of these educators, more than one school would’ve been closed for having only a few students attending.  

Instead of trying to find out why these kids can’t get to the schools, which is usually for the lack of transportation, bad roads, long distances and very low resources, schools are being closed and these kids’ opportunity to study and succeed in life is being taken away from them; kids that thanks to the everyday effort of the teachers and parents are able to finish elementary school but they don’t get to go to highschool for the same reasons expressed above.

The consequences of this are many. Without the possibility of going to school, or having the support that one would expect from the parents -which in this case some parents were also in this same situation one day and probably didn’t get to finish their studies for the same reasons- young people can make decisions that will compromise their futures, like becoming a teen parent or thinking that there is nothing more than that for them and settle for.  


Thanks to all the help we got from hunters, our families and friends, we were able to do more than we had expected for this year and there is still so much to do.


You can be involved in many ways. If you’re traveling to Argentina, you can participate bringing children and youth clothing that will be donated, your help will be a great blessing to those in need.

Giving liberally to Soaring Argentina is also a way to strengthen the impact in both education and medical support. Your gift can be given in the U.S. and is a tax-deductible expense.

We are very close to achieving our initial goal of $25000 to send the first shipping container full of medical equipment to Argentina and our next project is looking for sponsors for 12 children who have shown desire to continue their studies but they can’t for the reasons I’ve explained before. Thanks to this program we’ll be able to give these kids a chance of not only finish high school but also to encourage them to maybe one day even pursue a college degree that will build a brighter future for them and hopefully for their community.


Will you join us and help Argentina soar to new heights?

Please contact us for more info, we welcome everybody that wants to be part of our team!




Lori Castellano


Volunteer at Soaring Argentina.


Sales Department at Pointer Outfitters Argentina.



We are offering a free hunting trip to anyone who will join us in these efforts.
For more information about this offer and our missions, please contact Wayne Graham, a key supporter in helping with this local mission. You may contact him at any time for further information.

US Office: 817 874 6376

Argentina Office: +549 3525 608970