The spirit of solidarity.


An experience I won't forget, thank you Soaring Argentina!

I was invited by Soaring Argentina to visit three rural schools in Córdoba Province (literally in the middle of the countryside). I had no idea what a life-changing moment this would turn out to be!


While many volunteers gave gifts to the children -such as books, school supplies, clothes, toothbrushes, etc.-, I was focused on sharing oral preventive techniques, in the conviction that prevention of oral disease is possible through education.


The good intentions, time, and financial resources of volunteers can be put to best use by first learning about the needs and wants of a particular community. And this is the conscientious work that has been carried out among Soaring Argentina.


Big efforts from a lot of people over the world to achieve an indispensable common cause: “To improve both the education and medical environments in Córdoba, Argentina”. It was an honor for me to be a part of this trip.


Not only the respectful silences while offering them useful information, but also the big smiles, the tight hugs, the moving gratitude from teachers, became moments that will be retained in my memory forever. I will be looking forward to a new opportunity to meet those amazing children, believing that preventive measures have a key role in oral health promotion and education.


I encourage you to embark in solidarity programs, such as the ones promoted by Soaring Argentina, you will receive an abundance of love in return.


Dr. Juan Emiliano Olivera

Jesús María, Córdoba


A smile changes everything. Just dare!


Formulating a dental treatment for Miguel

The purpose of the dental treatment is to respond to the patient´s assessment, having into consideration several conditions, in particular, his age, and the need to preserve his masticatory efficiency.
History taking and clinical examination are two of the most important aspects of the patient assessment process and complement each other. The treatment plan has been built combining and collating information from the two procedures.

Our first appointment
Treatment of periodontal disease, which consisted of ultrasonic cleaning and providing motivation so as to improve his tooth brushing techniques. We worked on raising awareness of post-treatment dental hygiene.

Our second appointment
Surgery Plan. Exodontia of radicular remains and infectious processes on teeth numbers 3 - 8 - 45 - 48 - 26 - 25 - 24.
Regularization of residual bone on teeth 11-12-21-15-18-28.

Our third appointment
Surgical periodontic preparation on the upper maxillary. Creation of new gingival edges in lower and upper maxillary.

Our fourth appointment
Root canal treatments on teeth number 27 - 16 - 17 - 34 - 44 - 35.

We still have plenty of work to do, we will keep you informed shortly! 

Thank you very much Emiliano, we really appreciate your help! 


Miguel needs our help!


Get to know Miguel...

This is another amazing story of what Soaring Argentina is all about. In April, Miguel needed some serious help. And now Soaring is helping put his smile back together with assistance from our friend and dentist Emiliano.

Miguel is part of our field staff, he works hard every day. He is part of the Pointer Family since January 2019. 

Miguel had a car accident and gratefully saved his life. He needs our help in order to get his teeth back. 

Miguel is a very friendly, hard-working person and nice friend. 

Can you join us, please? 


A fulfilling experience!


My first mission work with Soaring Argentina in Cordoba province.

This organization is a wonderful place to serve. With the hearts and minds of the Argentinian people in mind we had a wonderful couple of days of mission work.

The first day we painted a primary school about 100 miles north of Cordoba. Not only did we paint but we also handed out winter clothing and New Testament bibles to all the school children. The kids were so excited we were there. Not only was this a wonderful experience for the kids but very rewarding for me

The second day we drove several hundred miles reaching out to 5 or 6 different schools plus a community
center. We passed out winter clothing and New Testament bibles there also. The schools ranged anywhere from about 20 kids to 2 kids. The joy on their faces was as wonderful as the first day. If you are looking for a ministry opportunity, a place to serve, see a beautiful country, and meet wonderful people…..SOARING ARGRENTINA may be the place for you!
John Grifford

Monday 8th was our first day of the mission. We met very early in the morning and it took us about 3 hours to arrive at Pozo de las Ollas, a rural area with very few inhabitants. Once there, we met Lili, the headteacher, a very nice person who's in charge of the classroom. She introduced us to the 13 children who attend school. They were all really happy that we had come to visit! And so were we. We brought a great clown show, the kids were delighted with their magic tricks and games! That day, we not only painted the whole school and fixed the facilities but also we shared
some quality time with the kids and Lili. That's the essence of Soaring Argentina!!

On Tuesday 9th, we woke up very early in the morning to begin our trip to visit 4 different schools in Northern Cordoba. In our first stop, we met Fabricio, a rural teacher in charge of 4 students. We left them lots of donations that our guests brought us. We also shared some stories and we showed them how US students' life is like. Then we visited Cristina, and her 23 students. They were so full of joy! He enjoyed an awesome clown show. There were lots of laughter! We went on to leave clothes and books to two other schools. It was a wonderful day and we hope to come back soon!

Soaring is an organization made up of many people, and in these publications we want to show a little of the work they do, the emotion and enthusiasm that our collaborators put into each mission.
Because there is always something to do, we can all help our rural schools!


Meetig new schools



The idea of the mission corresponding to the month of October was to visit new schools and get to know kids from other rural areas. We were very excited since the Rodolfo Senet School, our first stop of this missions, was one of the biggest schools that we’ve visited! It has 35 students and that’s a pretty big number compared with other establishments. Of course, like in several rural schools, in this case, children from different age groups share the same classroom. 

For this day, we got ready different bags with school supplies and snacks for the kids, together with boxes of clothes and kids toys. 

That Tuesday, we met the office staff and the guys that work at the field very early in the morning and we headed to Northern Cordoba arriving at the school after 3 hours, driving through a very solitary, dry and lonely landscape. 

Upon arrival we saw the kids faces through the school fences, it didn’t take long for them to approach us and show us the activities they would do during the day with their teachers and friends. Among all the things we did that day, we painted games in the yard with them and their parents, and we improved their garden by adding fences and other plants. 

In this mission, above the things we did and the things we shared with the group, I’d like to put the focus of this report in one of the things I talked about with the mother of one kid. 

We were outside, under the shadow of a tree, waiting that the kids finish their lunch and I started the talk asking her where she lived and if she had to drive a lot to take her kids to school. She said that she lived half an hour away and went on telling me that one of the hardest things of living so far away from the city was trying to figure out when an emergency situation arose. 

Then she told me that one of her kids (who is now 11 years old) was bitten by a scorpion when he was a little baby and she almost loses him. Here I quote her: “I was making supper, when I went to his bedroom and realized that he wasn’t moving, he  felt cold when I touched him and it wasn’t until I picked him up that I realized that something had stung him; I ran outside holding him in my arms and together with his father rode on our motorcycle and went to the closest hospital located more than 2 hours away from where we lived. When we arrived to the waiting room the hospital was crowded. I felt desperate, it seemed that everybody had an emergency there. I was told that I would have to wait for at least 3 hours to get medical attention, of course, I refused to wait that long and after a few minutes, he was assisted in the hospital. He returned home a few weeks later. After this episode, my son couldn’t learn to talk until he was 5 years old. I was really lucky; I had a way to get to the hospital. There’s a lot of people here that don’t really have the means to do it.”

Her words left me speechless. I couldn't stop thinking how unfair life was for them. They almost lose a child because they didn’t have a hospital nearby where they lived. This is an issue that they have to face every single day. 

We should not let these things happen. I firmly believe that having access to proper medical care must be essential.

After lunch, we left the school and the common feeling after this day was that it has been a very productive one, not only because of the activities we did but because how the parents worked with us to paint the games, organized the garden and the most important moment: sharing a nice talk! 


Cici Centeno

Travel and Leisure Department 




A Mission To Sprinkle Happiness



On October 11th, the last day of the Soaring Missions started... A new school to fix, a new teacher to meet and new kids to help.

Part of the team started painting the school, and those broken and sad walls now full of colors are a welcoming and warm place that make kids feel better like they truly matter, and that someone cares they have a nice space to study, learn and play.

While some of the girls and Flavia, the teacher, painted the playground, the students decided to help and some very cute drawings appeared on the floor giving it the beautiful touch of a kid's hand that it was missing!

This school is located in the middle of the countryside. Its backyard was full of weeds and plants were there could be bugs or snakes that wouldn't allow kids to use the soccer court nor the playground, so the guys started cutting the grass and cleaning the court to make it possible for the kids to play there! It ended up being a beautiful and safe place.

I tried teaching the kids a few words and sentences in English so they could start getting more familiar with the American culture through their language. We even sang a song in English with Wayne and Laura!

It was amazing to see how excited they were to start saying "Good Morning, Miss Flavia!" every day when arriving in school and using words like "Thanks" or "Sorry".

I felt very happy when I was leaving the classroom and heard them say "Bye Bye"! 

Everyone can help and it's very nice to see how many things you can do to change someone's life, maybe not in a big scale, but helping make it a little better, step by step, smile by smile.

Can't wait to see the kids again!


Camila Chalpe Bothamley


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We are offering a free hunting trip to anyone who will join us in these efforts.
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